Family Owned & Operated in New Jersey



Teleco has been family owned and operated serving the NY and NJ area since 1978.  For over 34 years, we have been helping local businesses grow and prosper.  In today’s every changing telecom world, it’s important to know your vendor has a long, stable track record.

Teleco is a full service telecommunications company, specializing in installing and servicing digital, hybrid, and Pure IP business telephone and voice mail systems.  We carry systems from 4 phones to over 400.  We carry only top name brands and offer very competitive prices.   We also carry a full line of ancillary telephone system equipment including headsets, battery back ups, commercial / music on hold systems, and much more.

We are members of the Better Business Bureau in New York and New Jersey, so you can buy from us with confidence.  Call Teleco today and get a free quote over the phone in minutes.


Teleco is an authorized dealer for NEC and Toshiba, the number 1 and 2 manufacturers of business telephones in the country.  It is absolutely vital that your vendor be an authorized dealer for your hardware.  Authorized dealers to give you the full benefits of the manufacturer’s warranty, technical support, software and firmware upgrades, product recalls, and installation expertise.  You can also be assured that an authorized dealer will be able to support your telephone system for many years to come.  Unauthorized vendors can’t provide any manufacturer’s warranty, often sell outdated or discontinued hardware and software, can not get technical support or software upgrades, and usually can’t program anything beyond the most basic features.

Teleco never uses any sub-contractors.  All of our telephone systems are installed and serviced by are own factory trained and certified in house full time technicians.  This is critical.  Don’t trust your business telephone system to an electrician or alarm company that installs a handful of small systems a year.

Teleco’s sales people are experts.  Our sales staff is not just sales certified, but many are trained, certified technicians as well.   Whether you need a basic telephone system or advanced features such as automated call distribution, SIP trunking, voice over IP, computer integration, and unified messaging, Teleco’s sales staff can help you decide which technologies to deploy to help your business grow and prosper.

Teleco can also help you with your business telephone service and internet bills.  We work with over 100 carriers and can help you with T1, PRI, Cable, and SIP business telephone lines.  We can save money every single month on your telephone bills, usually enough to pay for a new telephone system.  Ask for a free telephone bill analysis today!

Customer Service

We service everything we sell and offer 24 hour, 7 day a week support. Teleco offers service contracts to protect your valuable telephone equipment and to guarantee you the fastest service possible.  We never use subcontractors, so you know you’ll always be serviced by our own factory certified technicians. For your convenience, you can submit service calls by phone, fax, by email to or on our website by clicking here.

And most importantly, we think of our clients as partners, not just customers, and we take that relationship very seriously.  Teleco is a family owned and operated business.  Your success is our success and you will always deal directly with an owner.  Teleco will work with you, before, during, and after the installation to insure that you take full advantage today’s technology, without breaking the bank.

The Teleco Difference

The most important part of any telephone system is the installation, training and support.  No matter which system you buy, if it’s not installed right or you aren’t trained properly, you’ll never be happy.  At Teleco, we take our time to install your new telephone system the right way.  We always schedule an extra day for your installation so that nothing is rushed.  We offer unlimited user and administrator training, so when we leave everyone at your company will know how to use their new phones and voice mail.  We offer free follow up training 1-2 months after the installation and if any programming needs to be changed, that’s free too.  We print custom designation labels for all of your new telephones, so every feature is clearly labeled.  Teleco has toll free telephone and email technical support if you ever need help with the many features of your new NEC or Toshiba telephone system.  If your system is equipped with Remote Administration hardware, then we will administrate your system free too.


Teleco knows that buying a telephone system can be a major expense for a new or growing company.  We don’t want that to stop you from getting the technology your business needs.  Teleco offers telephone system leasing, we take all major credit cards, and can even arrange for payment plans with little or no money down.

Why Toshiba and NEC?

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When buying a new phone system, it’s absolutely vital to go with a major name brand.  Would you spend $3,000 on a new big screen TV from a company you never heard of?  How about $20,000 on a new car from a no name company?  Of course you wouldn’t and you shouldn’t buy a phone system from a company you never heard of either and here’s why…


Major brands, like Toshiba and NEC, have rigorous screening processes for dealers.  It takes a huge commitment of time and resources to become a dealer. There are also many dealers in every state.  NEC has over 50 dealers serving NJ alone. This assures you competitive pricing, fast service, and a host of options today and in the future.

No Name brands often have to grant protected territories to entice dealers to sell their products. That means that your dealer might be the only one for 50 or 100 miles. If you have any problems with your dealer, you might find your self with a telephone system that can’t be serviced or service that is extremely expensive.


Major brands, like Toshiba and NEC, sell hundreds of systems a week and certify dozens of technicians every year. This allows them to support their telephone systems for many, many years.  Major brands continue to manufacture brand new parts for discontinued systems for 5 or 7 years or more. This assures you will always be able to get parts in the future.  No name brand parts are often hard or impossible to find and can be very expensive and no name brand technicians can be even harder to find.